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Send messages to any phone for free


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If you have a friend who - for whatever reason - only uses SMS text messages, it can be expensive and inconvenient to get in touch with them.

Now there's Pinger, which, in its PC version, lets you send hundreds of messages for free to any phone, regardless of the area code, number of characters, or destination.

Your friends don't need to have Pinger installed in order to receive your messages. All messages are stored in the interface, which is simple, well-designed, and easy to manage.

It has the same basic options that are available on the mobile version, like notifications when the message has been received and the ability to block numbers so you can avoid spam and unwanted messages.

Forget about spending money to send obsolete text messages and use this fabulous service instead. With Pinger, you can text your friends for free, even if they're on the other side of the world.